Guidelines for participating for volunteer work

MCM needs your participation. Ethiopia is one of the world’s poorest countries.
It is a nation where more than 20,000 children are about to die of hunger and 50 percent of patients suffer from malaria.
13 percent of patients suffer from HIV/AIDS. Overall the medical standards in Ethiopia are pretty low.
Under these poor circumstances, many people suffer. MCM needs volunteers, as well as medical staff,
who want to participate in the training program for educating medical specialists.

1. Volunteer program for long-term specialists

It is a long-term volunteer program for specialists associated with medicine(doctor, nurse, pharmacist, medical technician.)
Volunteer work period: more than one year
Standards for application: more than two year of work experience
Dates for accepting application: year-round

2. Volunteer program for long-term non-specialists

It is a volunteer program for nonspecialists
Volunteer work period : more than one year
Dates for accepting application : year-round

3. Volunteer program for a short-term period

It is a volunteer program who can work less than 6 months
Volunteer work period : three months ~ less than 6 months
Dates for accepting application : year- round

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