What about the living environment of MCM?2019-06-29T11:07:01+09:00

MCM is on a large site. This site has two accommodations and a cafeteria for volunteers. The cafeteria serves a variety of local and foreign dishes. Therefore, MCM life is safe and provides better conditions for work concentration.

[About MCM – Facilities] menu on this website shows pictures of MCM.

How do I apply for MCM volunteers?2019-08-28T20:22:38+09:00

[Way to Help] menu on this website describes about volunteer service. And you can contact MCM through E-mail or telephone.

  • Contact Information

Tel: (+251)11-629-2963, (+251)11-629-542(1~5) (5 lines)
Fax: (+251)11-629-2795
E-mail: volunteercoordinator.mcm@gmail.com

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How did MCM start and Where is MCM General Hospital?2019-06-29T09:46:30+09:00

In 1993, following the request of the Ethiopian government to improve the medical environment, it started at Myungsung Presbyterian Church and opened in 2004 in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa in the name of Christianity Medical Center.

Do i require any post-surgery follow ups?2019-04-02T09:58:24+09:00

“Do i require any post-surgery follow ups?”

Yes. Your doctor will schedule post-surgery follow ups to check your incision sites to see for any infection or inflammation. They will adjust your medication according to your symptoms and look for complications.

Who are the right candidates for surgery?2019-04-02T09:54:50+09:00

Who are the right candidates for surgery?

Generally, those who are young (< 40 years of age), healthy (BMI < 25), psychologically stable, non-smokers and exercise regularly are considered as right candidates for surgery. When it comes to specific procedures, it changes with each type of procedure.


What’s good: Younger age wanting fuller lips, Older age with naturally thinned lips
What’s not: Recent use of acne creams, lifestyle disease (diabetes), autoimmune disease (rheumatoid, SLE) or allergy to material used.

Cheek Implants:

What’s good: Flat cheeks, Early sagging of cheeks
What’s not: Excessive sagging of cheeks

Chin Implant:

What’s good: Weak chin
What’s not: Jawline that needs dental work

Brow Lift:

What’s good: Frown lines, heavy eyebrows
What’s not: Easily scarring forehead, balding

Eyelid surgery:

What’s good: Droopy eyelids, puffiness around eyes
What’s not: Crow’s feet, dark circles

Nasal surgery:

What’s good: Large nose +/ a bump, Crooked nose
What’s not: Playing contact sports, thick skin

Face/Neck lift:

What’s good: Double chin, sagging, folded skin
What’s not: Rigid skin

What all should i carry for my first appointment?2019-04-02T09:52:45+09:00

Before meeting your surgeon for the first time, here’s a checklist of items you should be carrying:

  1. Research the procedure and write down all the questions you want to ask the surgeon.
  2. Any recent (<1 year) medical tests such as blood tests, urine tests, etc.
  3. If you have any existing medical conditions, bring along your prescription and related medical information.
Is it expensive to follow treatment at MCM ?2019-04-01T16:07:55+09:00

Most people this it is expensive but it is fair enough

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