Ethiopia is a grateful country that ran before anyone else when Korea was in need and
helped to the very end. It is God’s blessing that Myungsung Presbyterian Church of Korea
can have a chance to repay the Ethiopia’s help by establishing this best hospital which is planted like seeds of hope and joy. The seeds of faith and hope are deeply rooted and beautiful through un- reserved efforts of all parties’ involvement, above all we give all glory to the lord. Since its establishment in 2004 MCM (Korean) Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, has been functioning by providing wide variety of tertiary care services to Ethiopians and others as well. Moreover, the services and facilities have been improving remarkably so as to need to qualify more.
For this salvaging objective which aims to glorify God through this hospital, we ask for your support and prayer

Kwon-Sam Kim, M.D.
Medical Director

Previous Medical Directors of MCM

The 1st Medical Director
2004 – 2009
Won Hee Kang, M.D

The 2nd Medical Director
2009 – 2010
Eriksen Einar, M.D

The 3rd Medical Director
2010 – 2019
Chul Soo Kim, M.D

The 4th Medical Director
2019 – 2022 
Yong Dae Kwon, M.D