Ethiopia has a 3000-year-old Christian legacy of faith since Queen Sheba accepted God through King Solomon. However, the reign of Communist government has left Ethiopia to be one of the poorest nation in Africa.
Now, Myungsung Christian Medical Center is planted in this nation like a small seed, filled hope and joy.
MCM wished to witness the miraculous works of God and to shine as His healing power for Ethiopia as well as Africa, also and to the rest of the world.For this redemptive purpose which aims to glorify God through this hospital in Ethiopia, we ask for your support and prayers.

Young Dae, Kwon,
Medical Director
Myungsung Christian Medical Center

Previous Medical Directors of MCM

The 1st Medical Director
2004 – 2009
Won Hee Kang, M.D

The 2nd Medical Director
2009 – 2010
Eriksen Einar, M.D

The 3rd Medical Director
2010.09 – 2019.07
Chul Soo Kim, M.D