Who are the right candidates for surgery?

Generally, those who are young (< 40 years of age), healthy (BMI < 25), psychologically stable, non-smokers and exercise regularly are considered as right candidates for surgery. When it comes to specific procedures, it changes with each type of procedure.


What’s good: Younger age wanting fuller lips, Older age with naturally thinned lips
What’s not: Recent use of acne creams, lifestyle disease (diabetes), autoimmune disease (rheumatoid, SLE) or allergy to material used.

Cheek Implants:

What’s good: Flat cheeks, Early sagging of cheeks
What’s not: Excessive sagging of cheeks

Chin Implant:

What’s good: Weak chin
What’s not: Jawline that needs dental work

Brow Lift:

What’s good: Frown lines, heavy eyebrows
What’s not: Easily scarring forehead, balding

Eyelid surgery:

What’s good: Droopy eyelids, puffiness around eyes
What’s not: Crow’s feet, dark circles

Nasal surgery:

What’s good: Large nose +/ a bump, Crooked nose
What’s not: Playing contact sports, thick skin

Face/Neck lift:

What’s good: Double chin, sagging, folded skin
What’s not: Rigid skin