A virtual data solution is one source of truth click over here for enterprise data, and makes it instantly available to apps and analytics without the cost or complexity, and the time required for physical data warehouses and ETL. It combines data from on-premises as well cloud sources, transforms the data into user-friendly views and provides the data to analytics and applications when needed. With a single virtual repository it can eliminate redundant data replicating and reduces the operational costs.

Due Diligence

In M&A transactions it is normal for both the buy-side and sell-side parties to review documents in order to evaluate the potential deal. VDRs are the best choice for this type of data sharing since they offer a secure and organized environment to safely upload, view and analyze data. Watermarks, screenshot protection, and customizable permission options are all built-in features to help prevent the leakage of confidential information in the negotiation process.

Life Sciences

In the pharmaceutical industry, the use of VDRs to handle sensitive information has become more common. Additionally, the demand for this technology has grown for other applications such as regulatory compliance or clinical trials.

There are many ways to choose the most suitable virtual data solution, which includes their pricing structure, feature sets and security features. It is crucial that the vendor you choose is able to meet your company’s requirements in terms of functionality and scalability, as well as support. Many vendors offer plans with various storage capacities and features to meet the needs of different use scenarios, with a predictable cost.