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In March 2015, Autostraddle launched
The Best Lesbian Intercourse Review
, ready to accept all “lady-types who sleep with lady-types.” We earned over 8,566 full replies (89per cent that had been from people between the ages of 18 and 36) and then we’re discussing the outcomes along with you, bit-by-bit. Previously:

Simply How Much Smut Perform Queer Girls Eat?

In 2013,
a Pew analysis Center report on porn-viewing routines of this US individuals
announced that the US people don’t appear to want to talk to the Pew Research Center about their porn-viewing behaviors: just 25% of males and 8% of women whom watch online video fessed around watching adult videos. This seems significantly unlikely, but other quotes are not much higher —

Therapy These Days

claims that their “best estimate”
is the fact that “somewhere within 8% and 20% of women web go to porn websites with any regularity.” An
Australian research of health insurance and relations in 2014
found 20per cent of women had viewed pornography within the last season. This doesn’t really match with information gathered by net by itself,
like this
12% of web sites on the web tend to be pornographic and 40 million Us americans regularly see porn web sites. Or any particular one third of sex sites visitors tend to be females and 35per cent of all of the net packages are connected with pornography.

Dazed Digital, having said that, performed a much bigger and a lot more revelatory study of 10,500 men and women in 114 nations. They
developed greater numbers

… while a-quarter of participants never observe pornography, 59per cent see it a person to 5 times a week, and 16percent six or more times. Both males and females like it – around three out of 5 see it at least once weekly, regardless of sex. Sections happen at the extremes of consumption: 90% of individuals who never see porn are ladies, while 90% of people that see grot a lot more than 11 times a week are guys. Place one other way, some ladies enjoy at least one time weekly, merely 4% do so six or even more instances each week, compared to 60% of men who watch it just about any day or more.

As soon as we questioned all of our survey-takers “do you consume porn/erotica/smut in virtually any type?”, 87percent of the which answered issue replied into the affirmative. Thus already we’re revealing numbers which can be extraordinarily raised above previous research has shown. Of those whom eat porn/smut/erotica, 39percent performed so once weekly or higher. Yet not all of that is conventional pornography.

What type of smut perform queer ladies consume?

Dazed Digital found that
“an average straight-identifying woman is a lot more very likely to watch girl-on-girl compared to the ordinary straight guy would be to see boy-on-boy.” They discovered “straight ladies’ consumption of lesbian porn outstrips men’s: merely gay or bisexual females view a lot more girl-on-girl.” Cosmo
found similar figures
. Those two a number of numerous studies having illuminated the less-than-direct connection women of most orientations have with all the pornography they view on type of sex they really have (or want).

Research regarding the porn-viewing habits of lesbians
by Irish and Canadian experts found all the ladies “didn’t take care of girl-on-girl porn, claiming they discovered the flicks unlikely and plainly from as well as directly men. As an alternative, numerous lesbians are attracted to erotic movies depicting two men setting it up on.” The scientists, in line with various other study on this subject subject, affirmed that “women are apt to have more erotic plasticity than males — that will be, they may be fired up by a wider number of situations.”

Within review, we made a significant distinction between two different types of girl-on-girl porn — the type made by queer ladies for queer females (e.g.,
Crash Pad Series
Queer Porn TV
Hot Pink Container
) and kind made by directly men and women for direct people (age.g., pretty much everything else). We discovered the previous had been far more prominent as compared to latter — and, also, many queer ladies choose viewing direct porno or gay male pornography over lesbian pornography made by/for straight individuals.

The info we’re gonna speak about now is garnered from 87.05% of participants which responded “yes” to “do you customer porn/erotica/smut in just about any kind?” The 12.95% exactly who responded “no” weren’t expected questions about certain porn routines. The 2,471 humans just who skipped issue therefore found themselves on “what type of porn will you like” page simply because they didn’t say “no,” that will’ve induced the study to immediately miss that page, are not provided, because they’re mystical unicorns with anxieties, expectations and needs beyond my personal powers to discern. Judging by their solutions in the porn-liking web page, most of them do actually digest smut but simply failed to feel answering the last concern, so it is maybe not secure to state that bypassing issue = answering “no.” I am talking about, for real:

they failed to respond to no. But they didn’t respond to yes!

. It isn’t really safe to say such a thing about all of them after all, therefore we’re just gonna pluck all of them out from the group entirely your reason for this evaluation. Therefore, take it with a whole grain of sodium, but, regardless, these figures do fit just about perfectly with answers to earlier in the day necessary questions relating to porno, therefore possibly a small grain of sodium.

The information below comes from the

5,277 respondents who helpfully responded “yes” with the concern “do you take in porn/erotica/smut in every type?”

So why don’t we mention these figures!

Erotica / Fan-Fic

It’s unsurprising that erotica reading is indeed preferred amongst queer women for several explanations. Firstly: because it’s at this time a lot more popular than ever amongst feamales in basic. In fact,
a 2012 Brit review by
disclosed 91 % of females having browse one or more sensual book, and 43 percent mentioned they desired checking out about gender to presenting it. That review had been motivated by

50 Colors of Grey

, however, a g-dawful publication that began as Twilight fanfic and became one of many best-selling books at this moment.

This brings me to the next cause these numbers tend to be unsurprising: y’all
love some fan-fic
. Fanfic initially became popular as a way for enthusiasts (generally females) to understand more about male/male

Celebrity Trek

pairings the reveal could not help, and queer women have actually flocked in droves perform some genre. Along with reading male/male pairings, queer females make use of fanfic to
tell tales concerning female/female pairings
which connect sexually onscreen at a consistent level of

Into the 200 feedback remaining in unrestricted box because of this question, about 50 % happened to be guaranteeing I knew that by “erotica” they meant “fan fiction.” Here is a sampling of several of those solutions:

  • By “erotica” I mean fanfiction, very nearly exclusively
  • Erotic comics are in fact my favorite, but I found myselfn’t positive in which they fit. They are usually queer however constantly.
  • Erotic Superhero fanfiction
  • Does homosexual fanfiction about imaginary wizards number
  • Let’s end up being genuine, it is Faberry or Quintana fanfic
  • If reading, it is gay lady fanfiction smut. If viewing, it’s gay dudes being extremely enthusiastic with one another.
  • It really is all drilling fanfiction I am also hooked, literally we have witnessed occasions inside my life where i’d read specific gay fanfic for more than four hours each day.


The structure of directly and gay male porn most widely used amongst queer females is online video. Specifically if you see lesbians as an isolated class, it is really the only structure of erotica/smut/porn that motivates a lot of followers amongst ladies-who-only-like-ladies. For example, around 70percent of lesbians, queers and bisexuals read lesbian erotica using the internet, but only 25percent of lesbians, 32percent of queers and 42percent of bisexuals look over straight erotica online. Although 38percent of lesbians examine queer sensual imagery online, just 9percent at directly erotic images on the web, when compared with 22per cent of bisexuals and 16per cent of queers.

From this point onward we’ll relate to “lesbian/queer pornography made by/for queer individuals” as “Q4Q” porn” and “lesbian porno made by/for directly folks”  as “Q4S” porn.

Will be the amounts of directly porn watchers excessive because therefore numerous review participants don’t always identify to be solely keen on ladies? Type of, but that’s not the tale. These are typically those numbers:

  • Bisexuals, queers and lesbians who observe video watch Q4Q porno at nearly identical prices, ranging from 66per cent – 67percent.
  • Bisexuals would be the more than likely to view straight porno — 54per cent of them perform, when compared to 32per cent of queers and 41% of lesbians. They can be additionally the most likely to look at Q4S pornography — 38per cent of them perform, when compared to 33percent of queers and 29percent of lesbians.
  • Queers who observe video would be the almost certainly to look at homosexual male pornography — 36per cent of them would, in comparison to about 32percent for both bisexuals and lesbians.

So, although bisexual women are more inclined to view directly porno than lesbians tend to be, they’re not truly the only people seeing it. Controversial sex advice columnist Dan Savage admits that their understanding of exactly who watches what type of porno runs only up to now,
lamenting that
“lesbians screw-up my personal neat and orderly pornography world.” Sorry not sorry, Dan!

I think it is fairly common knowledge precisely why queer women dislike phony lesbian porn, but, briefly: but not a lot of the women who took the gender review volunteered these records by themselves, there’s no lack of lesbians using the internet discussing their own choice for direct or gay male porno (
or article authors looking answers about it
) offering explanations like:

  • “I have found lesbian porn is generally focused for directly men and they’re perhaps not stimulating. I somehow favor directly pornography.”
  • “Lesbian porn simply very artificial and exactly how long a number of them have long fingernails UGH! total i mostly view directly pornography. Now if their right porn I recently pay attention to the female. It can get me personally going like hell.”
  • “Lesbian porn is actually too tacky for my situation and therefore definately not the truth that I’ve found it tough to watch. Perhaps not saying directly pornography is any more actual but usually not very as tacky.”
  • “despite the fact that I prefer (direct porn) to lesbian porn, i am always looking at the girl going “she actually is good actress. Letting him imagine she actually is appreciating it.  And lesbian porno features guys created around it; it appears like the actresses should not do what they are carrying out.”

Some prices from our very own survey-takers:

  • We mainly like fat pornography. If it was easier to get a hold of and made for by queers, i’d view that, but it scarcely is available.
  • I really don’t see lesbian pornography since I is only able to find the misogynist video clips intended for straight guys, which I select offensive.
  • I like to see a girl obtaining facefucked… We swear I’m a lesbian

Therefore, that apart, i am interested in chatting about why 53percent of all of the women who know about and view real queer porn

in addition

view direct porn and just why 41per cent of lesbian-identified women see directly pornography. See, absolutely nothing pushes me personally walnuts quicker than a person declaring that a “real lesbian” won’t get turned-on by straight porno — which TOTAL BANANAS. Although a lot of queer women that see directly porn tend to be interested in males and wish to sleep using them, most of them aren’t, and a woman’s preference for direct pornography must not cast any question on her mentioned homosexuality.

I cross-checked a variety of factors, such as for example age, employment position, affinity for kink, intimate experience and sex presentation, to find out if any of those had an effect with this area of inclination and nothing endured on. Consequently, my ideas are listed below:

  • Genuine girl-on-girl pornography costs cash and no-cost girl-on-girl porno sucks:

    Good pornography by queer ladies for queer ladies usually calls for repayment (because should!). Nobody can afford it, wants to purchase it, or seems comfortable doing this, and the choice — the type of “lesbian” pornography discovered for free on sites like PornHub and RedTube — is missing, to put it mildly. So what’s remaining? Straight video game porn gay male pornography!

  • Women Are Erotically Flexible:

    As discussed earlier in the day in this post, women react intimately to all or any types points that tend to be not related their intimate orientation. Many of us whom choose ladies still have aroused by direct porno. That knows exactly why. It really is exactly what its!

  • Normative charm criteria:

    Queer-for-queer pornography has a tendency to feature queers with many different human anatomy kinds, gender presentations, piercings, tattoos, alternate lifestyle haircuts and so forth. That’s part of what exactly is so wonderful regarding it — yet not for all. Some queers prefer porno performers which appear to be porno stars rather than porn stars whom seem like their favorite bartender or ex-girlfriend.

  • Porn as getaway:

    Lots of sex sites people enjoy porno that gives a getaway off their real intercourse life, or usage pornography to explore dreams they’ve got no want to explore in actual life. Often watching actual queers perform completely more explicit or taboo fantasies (such non-consent) only hits also near residence.

  • Range:

    Absolutely a wider variety of right pornography and gay male porno available to choose from for various fetishes or kinks you could be into. Additionally a lot more hardcore directly porno on the market, when queers do see straight pornography, it is often explicit — 33% of lesbians and 48% of bisexuals view hardcore direct porno, but only 12per cent of lesbians and 24% of bisexuals watch softcore.

  • Picturing on their own as man:

    This can be anecdotal, but i have heard countless queer females claim that they imagine on their own because man as you’re watching straight porno. Or that they like watching pornography where women humiliate guys.

  • Masturbation video clips:

    Lots of could have classified movies of females masturbating (which emerged several times in the statements) as “direct porno.”

  • There is a lot more of it there and it’s much easier to discover.

In conclusion, women are great animals able to getting activated by various video clip porn of course, if ladies ran the whole world truth be told there’d be much more research about it.

Eventually, I’d exactly like to share a number of the remarks on “what sort of pornography will you watch” area to provide you with the complete overview of what people wished one know these were into:

  • Where’s the option for tentacle porno? And gender devices heading walnuts and offering their own woman inventors countless sexual climaxes? I am confused (about lots of things).
  • I view the *trailers* on queerporntv & crashpad but never the exact video clips. because i’m recovering from my societally & familialy induced hangup about eating pornography.
  • Seriously my fave is intercourse moments from lesbian shows, maybe not genuine Porn pornography. Undecided ideas on how to categorize that above. I never ever view genuine pornography.
  • Machines/dildo machines
  • House films
  • Lesbian gifs, many thanks tumblr
  • Tumblr “romantic pornography” web page is actually great
  • E-book in-car in order to get bdsm situation tips, not to log off
  • Sensual comics are now actually the best, but I becamen’t yes where they can fit. They are usually queer yet not usually. We read online and occasionally printing (smutpeddler)
  • I primarily examine unicamente pictures and sketches of females. I’ve not a clue just who makes them.

Simply How Much Smut/Erotica/Porn Can You Consume?

1.9% of the whole smut-consuming class uses their own smut multiple times every single day. 3.6percent indulge one on a daily basis, 24.6percent several times a week, 11.7% weekly, 27.5percent multiple times 30 days, 12.3% once per month, 16.3per cent multiple times a-year, and just a little over two percent consume it around that.

Making sure that’s 5.5% watching porno each day, which’s over the 3.8per cent of women Cosmopolitan
discovered when they surveyed 4,000 females
(93per cent which had been heterosexual) about their porn-watching behaviors. They even discovered 32.5per cent of males watching porno regarding the day-to-day, generally there’s that. But Cosmo was just asking about using the internet porno videos, the reach was bigger — we included erotica and erotic images.

Exactly what facets manipulate how often you consume smut/porn/erotica? Let us have a look at different relationship and sexual conditions.

Demonstrably there is a pretty strong relationship between how often you take in smut and just how usually you’re having sex. These numbers perform declare that co-habitation lowers frequency of erotic-material-engagement, which implies that these partners commonly taking in porno together.

Absolutely a primary connection between eating smut/erotica/porn and volume of self pleasure — over 90 per cent of those whom masturbate multiple times weekly or higher eat smut, versus slightly over 50 percent of the whom masturbate less than annually.

Associated with entire class — all 8,566 people — 55.3% mentioned porno belongs to how you normally masturbate. 39.4percent stated the exact same of pornography.

In Conclusion

Numerous expected for the remarks for home elevators in which they might get a hold of queer porno made for queers. I would ike to create that occur for you, because everyone contemplating queer porno is deserving of feeling in this way commenter on
You Want Assist: The Pursuit Of Awesome Queer Feminist Porn
, exactly who wrote:

“we went along to queerporn dot tv and I am simply resting here crying because I’ve not witnessed porn with individuals exactly who seem like me, exactly who look like men and women I would actually shag, just who fuck like I would screw. It seems so genuine. We never recognized that I felt thus marginalized and objectified by mainstream porno, and today i’m validated. Like, it is ok that We have gender the way in which I do because see, you will find people similar to me.”

You need to read that post! In addition these:

Get forward and revel in whatever particular smut you wanna!

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