Our hospital is promoted from general hospital to comprehensive specialized hospital for the following reasons;

  1. The minimum human resource requirements put on the national guideline have been fulfilled; a lot of subspecialists in the filled of gastroenterology, nephrology, surgery, to mention some have.
  2. The existing pt care services have been deeply diversified than when it was a general hospital. To mention some;
  3. MCM is the only hospital in the country where therapeutic GI procedures are performed, like ERCP, Achalasia rx, stent placement for esophageal Ca,
  4. It is the only private hospital in the city (Addis Ababa) rendering specialty trainings in different disciplines like internal medicine, surgery, etc.
  5. Currently it is the only hospital where interventional radiology care is actively rendered.

 Further more, medical equipment requirements put on the guideline as the criteria are far from the minimum

 criteria to receive comprehensive specialized hospital license.

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