MCM hospital, located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was founded by the MyungSung Presbyterian Church of South Korea to provide quality health care to Ethiopians and to train Ethiopian medical professionals. MCM has both Ethiopian and foreign medical professionals who are motivated and committed to caring for the medical needs of patients who are admitted to the hospital. Being the first state-of-art hospital in Addis Ababa, our hospital offers high quality personal and professional health care service to all. We also reach out to rural areas of the country through our mobile clinics. We provide financial aid to many patients who cannot afford to pay for their treatment. In addition, throughout the year, medical professionals come from countries around the world (Korea, United States, Norway, Canada, and others) to provide free and highly specialized medical care not available in Ethiopia. MCM seeks to collaborate with organization and professionals who share our vision and interest in developing training facilities for Ethiopia’s medical professionals and in providing modern health care training.


(In 18 departments, the MCM is striving to become the best hospital with top medical technology

and facility in Africa.)


# Internal Medicine

Highly qualified specialists and passionate volunteers from Ethiopia and all over the world work with advanced medical tools, such as the Conscious Sedation Endoscope and Echocardiogram to provide the best possible medical care to all patients.


# Surgery

A seasoned surgical team successfully completes difficult operations using a range of cutting edge equipment, like the celloscope. This department also oversees a well-planned and extended training program.


# Orthopedics Department

The Orthopedics department researches the limbs, spine, and the functions of other accessory organs through internal, surgical and physical methods. They provide new treatments through the aid of foreign medical volunteers and have created an effective treatment system.


# Neurosurgery Department

The Neurosurgery Department, the first of its kind in Ethiopia, is headed by a Norwegian neurological team. This department also trains future Ethiopian specialists by receiving residents from the Addis Ababa Medical School.


# Ophthalmology Department

MCM aims to provide the best treatment and seeks to conduct researches using cutting-edge diagnosis and surgical equipment. MCM is striving to be a leading hospital by securing best staff, and maintaining various clinics, laboratories and treatment rooms.


# Anesthesiology Department

MCM assures a safe operation by utilizing a state-of-the-art general anesthesia machine, a broad range of anesthetics, advanced anesthesia skills and a medical gas pipe system that were introduced for the first time in Ethiopia.


# Dentistry Department

By installing the best and most advanced dental equipment, MCM is doing its best in providing its patients with best available care.


# Laboratory Medicine Department

The Laboratory Medicine Department is dedicated to diagnosing all specimens from patients by carrying out various tests using the most advanced medical equipment.


# Radiology

The Radiology department is dedicated to improving the medical standards in Ethiopia by utilizing the latest medical equipment and raising specialists through joined residency program with Addis Ababa Medical School.


# Obstetrics Gynecology

The OB/Gyn Department teaches new medical technology to local medical staff. The department takes care its patients by using most up-to-date equipment such as the 4-D ultrasound machine.


# Pediatrics Department

In order to provide top medical services to the newborn infants, children and youth, pediatric department has acquired the new­est pediatric equipment and operate specialized clinics for pedi­atric nephritis, pediatric hematology, pediatric respiratory system and allergies, high-risk infants, pediatric epilepsy, migraine and development.